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Why do I need to change my dimmer switch when installing new LED lights?

All CooLEDlite’s are electronically dimmable. If you are experiencing problems with dimming your lights, such as flickering, insufficient dimming or no light at all, you more than likely need a new dimmer that is electronically compatible with LED or CFL lights.

Here is a list of compatible dimmer switches that will work properly with the CooLEDlite:
LUTRON: DV-603PH,TGCL-153PH, CTCL-153PD, D600PH-DK, TG600FR-WH, S-600 LEVITON: 6684,6631,6681

We can also suggest two reliable companies that are keeping up with the progress for LEDs: Leviton and Lutron. Look for their products labeled “For LED light dimming” at your local or online hardware and lighting stores.