LED Downlight Replacement - LEDs Stay Cooler - Last Longer!

About CooLEDlite’s parent company, BriteShot

briteshot-logoAbout a decade ago, realizing that the film industry did not have a good light for special effects, we formed the company, BriteShot, with the belief that we could make a new LED light, which was needed. It took us three years, and a small fortune, to perfect our light which gives great special effects. Go to www.BriteShot.com to see. We then turned our attention to making the best light for lighting sets on sound stages. At this point we now make the best light in the market for lighting the sets on soundstages. We have provided lighting for movies, such as The Amazing Spiderman, as well as lighting the sets, or providing special effect lighting, for TV shows such as Limitless, Family, Person of Interest, The Good Wife, Law and Order SVU, and many more. Please go to http://www.briteshot.com/clients/ for a more complete list.

How CooLEDlite Came About: New Patented Cooling

In developing the lights for BriteShot, the first thing we learned about LEDs is that they produce very little heat, but the heat that each LED does create is enough to cause the LED to quickly get dimmer and dimmer. Any electronic engineer would confirm that for a quality LED light, it is necessary to use material that will act as a heat sink to draw the heat out of, and away from, the LEDs. Any such heat sink has two functions. First, it needs to absorb the heat by pulling it out of the back of the LED. Secondly, it needs fins or some other way to then dissipate the heat, so that it can continue to absorb more and more heat, for as long as the light is on.

When the founder, Peter Ticktin, looked at recessed ceiling light cans and noticed how quickly the light bulbs would get dim and burn out, he realized that there is a major problem. The BriteShot team saw that the heat from the bulbs or retrofits was going to be stuck in the recessed cans, because hot air rises, and the hot air had no place to go. So, in the heated environment of a recessed can there was no effective way to reduce the heat. We found the only solution by lowering the electronic components in the light, which needed cooling, to just below the ceiling level. This way, the heat sink on the rooms ceiling could be used, which would now dissipate the heat it collected much more effectively. Also, it fixed another problem, which is the need to avoid the heat in the recessed cans, if the space above the ceiling was an attic. Attics can get up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, and the recessed cans which are mounted in attic spaces are likewise heated to 140 degrees. That heat also causes a premature failure of the LEDs. Moreover, most manufacturer’s warranties are voided when their lights are used for such an application.

Once the solution was realized and the way to fix the problem was proven, we patented this method and started a new subsidiary of BriteShot called CooLEDlite.

The CooLEDlite

Just as we did with BriteShot, CooLEDlite was designed and built to be the very best light for its application in ceilings. The next problem we had was in the method of installation. There are many downlight replacements on the market. Not only will they fail early, as they are all up inside the cans and not below the ceiling, they are very difficult to install. Usually the method to install LED replacement downlights requires the use of springs or cumbersome tension clips, which require both hands while being at the top of a ladder. This is not only inconvenient, but it is dangerous.

With this in mind, we engineered and developed a simple installation method which uses a spring loaded shaft. We perfected this device, so that our LED light became as easy to install as it is to screw in a light bulb. Our light simply screws in and it snaps up over existing trim. Therefore, it is not necessary to remove the existing trim, as other LED manufacturers require.

With this novel light, we wanted it to be made with the right LEDs, and we wanted it to look beautiful, as well as give off a beautiful light, that is the equivalent of either the old 75 Watt and 100 Watt incandescent bulbs.

As a result we have a light, which surpasses every other light on the market for ease of installation, for appearance, and very importantly, its longevity. In fact, we are so confident of our lights performance and long lasting lifetime, that we have given an unprecedented 10 Year Limited Warranty.

Lastly, we have gone even further. CooLEDlite’s “Ceiling Expressions” are a new line of decorative replacement trims, of various colors and designs, that add a beautiful look to your ceilings. These are available on our website: www.CooLEDlite.com, or by special order.

Our latest innovation was to make it easy for you to add lights wherever you want for new construction or to simply add lights to an existing home or office. We now have an Easy MountTM junction box which is attached to a ceiling, over which our CooLEDlite simply twists into and lights up!

It is our great pleasure to make the best light available for your ceilings, to either replace the lights in your recessed ceiling cans, or add new lights to your ceilings, wherever needed.