LED Downlight Replacement - LEDs Stay Cooler - Last Longer!

Exclusive Features

No need to remove existing trim
Screws directly into a light socket
Self adjusting shaft pulls light up to ceiling
THERMO-BLOCK Heat Shield blocks hot attic air
PATENTED Air Flow Cooling: LEDs Stay Cooler – Last Longer

Why Buy a CooLEDLite?

LEDs need airflow or they overheat and fail. Recessed ceiling cans present a unique problem as LEDs heat up, and because hot air rises there is no way to dissipate the heat in the can. Also, if the can extends into an attic above the ceiling, attic heat will shorten the lifetime of the LEDs. Only CooLEDlite solves this problem! Our lights are air cooled, below the ceiling, so that the LEDs last as long as we say they do (10 year limited warranty).

Quickest and Easiest to Install!

Perfect for High Ceilings.
(Pole not included)

Watch How It Works

Do you wish you didn’t have to get on a ladder to replace the lights?

What our CUSTOMERS are Saying...

This is a very unique light and it has a 10-year warranty

The CooLED Lite is an LED downlight bulb replacement. This light as a venting system and air flow is going to keep the LEDs cool, only using 12 watts of energy. You can use this on 4″, 5″ and 6″ recessed cans.

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They shipped so quickly!

They’re installed and it looks even better than before… what a product! Just what we needed!!

Brian in Orlando

AIA Architect

The CooLEDlite is so easy to install, I let my 10 year grandson replace the existing lamps in our kitchen. I’m an architect with 60 years in the field and I find this creative device having good lighting qualities with surprising easy snap–in installation. The lamp has an infinite number of uses in all types of buildings where longevity and cost savings are important.

Saved me so much time!

I have a huge house with really tall ceilings, so I loved the idea that my lights would look great, save me money and change quickly.

Bill Johnson
Minneapolis, Minnesota

My husband was amazed when I told him about CooLEDlite!

He couldn’t believe I found such great build that was gonna last and look very nice in our new home.

Rachel McCarthy
San Diego, California

My lights look amazing now!

All my friends are amazed at the new look of our ceilings. Everything is so finished looking now, its awesome!

Ron Wilty
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Drastically improved the look of our interior lighting

“Most people improve the curb appeal of their home by improving the landscaping and maybe adding nice flowers and mulch around their shrubs etc.  With our home going on the market we also decided to upgrade and modernize the interior of the home by replacing our old incandescent bulbs, with beautiful energy efficient CooLED Lites in every room.  What a fantastic difference it made visually and it will also be a great feature for our Realtor to mention to potential buyers that they won’t have to change the lights for at least 10 years!”

Thanks CooLED Lite,
Tom in Orlando

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Thank you for the Cool Lights!!

Thank you for the Cool Lights!
They came a few weeks ago and I just finished installing them. They are amazingly easy to install, just a twist to assemble and then rotate till they “pop” right up into the ceiling. So cool! They are also a lot brighter than the old corkscrew style lights I had formerly installed. It feels like real sunlight in my kitchen.

My wife couldn’t be happier with the way they look and function as they are much cleaner looking than the old “cans” that previously pocked my ceiling. It would be great if all other “easy to assemble” products worked as well as yours.
I’d like to buy two more.
All the best

Subject: Lights!

I’m a bit ashamed to admit this but we just got around to installing the two lights you gave us.

They are absolutely fantastic! We love the look and the quality of light they give off. Ordering a bunch more!